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LF 5.4 Human Factors Refresher

Target group
Designed for employees in aviation companies of the development, production, CAMO and maintenance ( Comission Regulation EC 1321/2014 ).This course fulfils the requirements for the legally prescribed repetition training “human factors” in accordance with AMC 2 145.A.30 (e).
Valid for all seminars
The maximum of participants for the in-house and external seminars is 14. In order for the external seminars to take place, a minimum of 5 participants is required. The application deadline of external seminars is 4 weeks prior to the start of the seminar, otherwise consultation is required.
The following subject areas are covered:
• Repeat on the need of human factor training
• General human factors
• Human strengths and weaknesses
• Social sphere
• Achievement restrictions
• Communication
• Error and risk
Activity in one of the aviation companies mentioned above

Location: -
Trainer: -
Duration: 1 Day

Inhouse: 1750,- €
incl. certificate and seminar materials,
plus travel expenses lecturer and tax.
External: 650,-€ per participant
incl. certificate, seminar materials,
soft drinks and lunch, plus tax.
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