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LF 3.1 QM-System Aviation ( Development/ Manufacturing )

Target group
This seminar is addressed to accountable managers, managers of developing companies, managers of model inspection control offices, quality management representatives, quality managers as well as employees of the quality management.

The participants receive detailed knowledge about the additional requirements for a quality management system according to EN 9100 in comparison with the minimum claims EASA Part 21 (developing companies and manufacturing plants).

After completion of this course, the participants will be able to understand the extensive requirements of the EN 9100 and to classify the ramifications for the development and manufacturing plants accordingly.

The participants should
the DIN EN ISO 9001 know well.

Introduction to EN 9100 the quality management system aerospace
Terms QM system
EN 9100 certification
Short overview of the process of obtaining certification, audit days on site
Reflective and approval organs IAQG, CBMC, AAB
Certification, accreditation / TGA
OASIS database
On request written performance review
The participants should know and understand the quality management system, as well as the extensive official laws and regulations, such that they are able to recognise the differences between EN 9100 and the European regulations.

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Duration: 1,5 Day
Inhouse: 2450,- €
incl. certificate and seminar materials,
plus travel expenses lecturer and tax.
Extern: 850,-€ per participant
incl. certificate, seminar materials,
soft drinks and lunch, plus tax.
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