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BA 5.0 Risk Management

Target group
This seminar is addressed to project managers of the aerospace, risk managers, as well as quality management representatives, quality managers and employees of the quality management.

The participants learn the fundamental basics for the proper implementation of risk management in projects in accordance with ECSS-M-ST-80/ISO 17666. The individual courses to the ECSS-standards are modular and are tailored to the needs of the participants.

The participants should understand the fundamental structure of a quality management system according to EN9100, and know the main features of the project management according to ECSS or PMI.

Valid for all seminars
The maximum of participants for the in-house and external seminars is 14. In order for the external seminars to take place, a minimum of 5 participants is required. The application deadline of external seminars is 4 weeks prior to the start of the seminar, otherwise consultation is required.

Basic principles of the risk management according to
ECSS-M-ST-80 and ISO17666
• Basic principles of quality management
• Basic principles of risk management
• Coherence with the quality management systems of the
aviation and aerospace
• Introduction to the essential norms and standards of the aviation
EN 9100, 9110, 9120
• Risk management concept
• Project life cycle considerations
• Risk management responsibilities
• Risk management process
• Risk management implementation in a project
• Risk management documentation
• Risk visibility and decision making
Step 1: Define risk management implementation requirements
Step 2: Identify and assess the risks
Step 3: Decide and act
Step 4: Monitor, communicate, and accept risks
• Audit of the risk management system
• Implementation of information/documentation management
• Role plays, role conversations, case studies
• Certificate examination
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Location: -
Trainer: -
Duration: 2 Days
Inhouse: 2850,- €
incl. certificate and seminar materials,
plus travel expenses lecturer and tax.
External: 980,-€ per participant,
incl. certificate, seminar materials,
soft drinks and lunch, plus tax.
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